How To Use Paypal for Amazon?

Amazon and Paypal are two different entities of the present time. You imagine using them with each other, but it does not look simple to use together.

The question always comes to your mind: does Amazon accept PayPal payments? And the answer is No, to link both of the accounts directly is not simple. You have to work with several side steps.

In this article, you will learn how to use Paypal for Amazon shopping. Read the given article carefully.

Is it possible to use PayPal on Amazon?

No, this is the simple answer because Amazon clearly states that the Paypal payment option is not accepted by amazon.

But, if you have money on your Paypal balance, you are lucky to use this by adding this amount to the amazon gift card.

Do you also have the same queries on how to use the PayPal balance to spend it on amazon shopping?

There no need to worry about that, you can easily use the balance in an alternative way. Read the given paragraph carefully this will completely guide you for this.

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How to use Paypal for Amazon?

You cannot directly use the PayPal option for amazon shopping. It will be done by different sidestep work.

There are three alternative methods to using the Paypal payment on Amazon:

  1. You can use a PayPal cash card or a business debit Mastercard.
  2. Also, use the PayPal key on Amazon
  3. And the last one buy an Amazon Gift card

1. Use a Paypal cash card on Amazon

Paypal is the largest online payment transfer platform which serves in more than 200 countries and in 25 types of currencies. Also, PayPal has its own advantage over other competitors like Venmo, Apple Pay, and Stripe.

A Paypal cash card is a debit card that is used by US customers. Paypal allows the use of its own card for payments at any store just like another card.

You can use the PayPal cash card by setting and transferring all balances to another card, the amazon obviously accepts the other card for payments, this solution will really work for shopping in amazon to check- out you from payment steps.

In a similar way, you can also use the PayPal debit MasterCard which is majorly used for Business purposes, It works the same as the PayPal cash card but this MasterCard is only specific for business users.

Use of business debit MasterCard on Amazon

If you are thinking of using debit MasterCard for amazon shopping then PayPal is not the only option for this. You can also use debit MasterCard online as well as in physical stores.

Although, the Mastercard is tied up with the wise multi-currency account which makes all sending and receiving of all the international payments.

For example- if you are in any foreign country you can also exchange the amount with foreign currencies with real exchange rate offers.

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2. Use PayPal key on Amazon

Another solution to use PayPal on Amazon is a Paypal key. A Paypal key is a simple virtual card that can be used online or over the phone so you don’t need to carry any extra piece of plastic card to carry with you.

You can use it as a MasterCard network or just like a standard MasterCard so you will not get any problem with payments on amazon.

It is a little bit easier than purchasing a new card for your payment and also a smoother option for you to sort out your amazon payment problem by PayPal.

3. Use of Amazon gift Card for Paypal

Apart from these two options, there is one more alternative solution for Paypal to use amazon shopping.

The gift card option helps you with the payment options by Paypal. The amazon gift card is widely used by people and also available online. You can purchase it and use the amazon gift card for Paypal payment. eBay is a good place to purchase Amazon gift cards.

Steps to add an amazon gift card on Paypal

You can add the amazon gift card to your Amazon account balance at any time. And the total amount which you have on your amazon gift card you can use in your future for making payments.

Here are steps are given to add the amount to the amazon gift card

  1. Log in to your Amazon website
  2. On the top right bars click on your name and select your account.
  3. Then visit the gift card square.
  4. Now insert the code of the gift card to redeem it.

In this way, you can add the amount to your amazon gift card and say goodbye to physical banks.

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Why doesn’t Amazon accept PayPal directly?

Do you often wonder why Amazon doesn’t accept PayPal directly? The reason is Paypal is one of the most popular payment sites on the Internet and Amazon is the best online shopping site.

Both are competitors of each other. One of the other reasons is that Amazon has its own Amazon Pay for any payment at the time of check-out.

Also, Paypal is often associated with eBay but the platform of online payment has long outperformed its former owner.

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So, the motive of this article is to let you know how you can use Paypal on Amazon? After reading the complete article you found that there is no direct option to use the Paypal payment option on amazon.

But there is definitely another alternative way if you want to spend your Paypal balance through an amazon gift card, business cash card, or Paypal key.

Every online platform has its own terms and policy if they allow you so you can try them by some alternative way of making payments.

It is really simple and convenient to use your PayPal balance in another way to spend and buy things from amazon.

I hope this article will completely guide you for your exact queries and help you to make payment by PayPal on the Amazon platform.

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