How to watch Netflix on Firestick TV?

Netflix is at the top of the OTT (Over-the-Top) Platforms offering online Streaming services. 203.7 million Subscribers all over the world watch Netflix daily. In the United States, the number is 73 million.

By subscribing to Netflix you can have access to its Netflix Originals, Latest Movies, TV Shows, and multi-genre web series (favorite among youngsters). Netflix is available almost on all platforms Google Play Store for Android, Apple App Stores for iMac, and iOS, Live TVs App Store on Firestick, Roku, Apple TV, etc.

Though there is a long list of platforms where Netflix is available you are here to learn how to watch Netflix on Firestick. And you are of course at the right place. In this article, we have given all the steps to watch Netflix on Firestick.

How to Watch Netflix on Firestick

Netflix App is available on all the big platforms available so it is in the case of the Amazon App Store too. Yes, you heard it right! You don’t need to jailbreak or tweak your Amazon Firestick. Just need to visit the Amazon App Store on Firestick and get it from there.

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Download and Install Netflix on Firestick

To download and install Netflix on Firestick from the Amazon App Store follow the below steps:

  1. Go to your Amazon Firestick TV home screen by pressing the Home button on your Firestick TV Remote.
  2. On the Firestick TV home Screen activate the Search Box by clicking on the small magnifying glass icon at the top left corner of the Main Menu.
  3. In the Search Box, enter Netflix or you can use the Voice command to put Netflix in it.
  4. All the results related to Netflix will be populated under the Search Box.
  5. Select Netflix from the list and click on Netflix Card to launch the Netflix App Window.
  6. On the Netflix, App window click on the Download button to being downloading the App.
  7. After the download completes it will be installed on your Firestick automatically in a few seconds.
  8. The button will change to the Open button once it is successfully installed.
  9. By default, the Netflix App will be installed at the bottom of your Amazon Apps & Channels list.

This is how you can download and install Netflix on Firestick.

To launch Netflix click on the Open button on Netflix Windows’s app or access the app from Amazon Apps & Channels list. Sign up or log in to your Netflix app and that’s it. You can now watch all your favorite Netflix originals, movies, web series, TV Shows on your Firestick.

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Watch non-US Netflix on Firestick

If you are missing your regional Netflix content then you can watch them too in the US. For that, you need to install a VPN on Firestick and that’s also how you can do it yourself. Here are the complete steps to watch non-US Netflix on Firestick.

  1. Using the steps we have followed to download and install Netflix, download the Nord VPN from the Amazon Firestick App Store.
  2. After the Nord VPN is successfully installed click on Open to launch the Nord VPN home screen.
  3. Click on Search from the home screen to open the Search utility to search the region/country you want to watch Netflix for.
  4. Type the country/region name in Search Utility and Click on
  5. Click on the Server appears down the Search Utility bar to get connected to the server.
  6. Check on the top right corner to see whether you are connected to the server or not. It will show Connected to XXXX (Server No.) upon successful connection.
  7. Now that you have connected to the regional / country server, go to your Firestick App and Channels and launch Netflix App again. Login to your account and that’s it.

That’s how you can watch non-US Netflix on Firestick.

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Troubleshoot if you’re not working Netflix on Firestick.

Don’t worry if your Netflix app starts hanging, delaying loading, and starts not working smoothly on Firestick. Here is some solution you can try to get the app fixed.

Clearing Netflix App Cache

  1. Go to Firestick Home screen.
  2. From the Home screen, click on Settings on the main menu
  3. Under Settings scroll right to select Applications
  4. From the Applications sub-settings click on Manage Installed Applications.
  5. Scroll down the list of Installed Applications and click on Netflix
  6. On the Netflix, app window click on Force Stop and then click on Clear Cache to delete all the Netflix app cache.
  7. After clearing the cache switch back to your Firestick Home screen and re-launch the Netflix App.

Clearing your cache will most probably solve all the issues with the Netflix App. In case the problem persists uninstall the Netflix App from again going to Manage Installed Application. And re-install the Netflix app by following the steps in the above sections.

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In this article, we have shared with you the complete steps required to download, install, and watch Netflix on Firestick. Go get up and DIY Netflix on Firestick now. In case you get into any trouble, don’t worry get back to the article and have a look again.

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