How to Make a Group Video Call on Facebook Messenger Room?

Last we have seen how coronavirus pandemics helped the Video conferencing industry a boom. Zoom and House party are among the toppers who have seen huge spikes in its growth graphs. Everyone tried to cash in the opportunity be it Zoom, House party, Cisco, Google, LogMeIn, Microsoft, Zoho, etc.

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It was the one Zoom who won the battle and comes up as a higher stakeholder during the pandemic. Though there are major players in the market, Facebook has also not kept him behind and has upgraded its older Video Chat version to a new Messenger Room feature.

The news of launching the Messenger Rooms has hit Zoom badly and instantly after the news broke its shares fell 5%.

So, what was the reason, why Facebook is new, and even with competing big giants? What makes the Zoom shares fell by such a big percentage.

Today, in this article we will look into what makes the Facebook Messenger Rooms different from other Commercial Video Conferencing apps like Zoom, Microsoft’s Team, Google’s Meet, Cisco WebEx, etc.

Let’s look into some of the features which make Facebook a little higher chance than other Video Conferencing app.

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Features of Facebook Messengers Rooms

  1. No need to cut your content down, Unlimited Video call Time Limit:

    To outlast the competition Facebook has not caped any time limit over Video Calls. Which makes it much ahead of most of the other Video Conferencing apps as a Video Call Time limit. Host now no need to cuts down its content to remain within the time limit.

  2. No cost for advanced features of Video Conferencing Calls

    Most of the free options of other Video Conferencing Apps will restrict your use to very basic simple video conferencing apps. But Facebook provided all the advanced features with their Messenger Room absolutely free.

    To name some of them are Facebook AR filters which help you disguise your face during video Chat, Attendee approval and removal from the video chat by Host, etc.

    These options are not available in other free versions of the Commercial Video Conferencing Apps. Yes, you heard it right, you have to pay for it, else you will end up with unknown people in your meet.

  3. Increased Number of Users Limit:With its all-new Facebook Messenger Rooms, Facebook has increased the Video Chat members limit to 50, which was 8 earlier. Though here Facebook is behind the other competitor apps.

    But in reality, what would you do if you are doing a 100 user meet and suddenly your video conferencing time limit expired. See, here Facebook has given the value to the users by not capping any time limit on users with a reduced number of people.

  4. Access Messenger Room right from your Facebook account:

    Yes, you do not have to install a separate app. You can access and make a group video chat right from your desktop.

These are some features that make Facebook Messenger Room a first preference over the other Conferencing app available in the market.

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I hope, now you can differentiate the usage of Facebook Messenger rooms. Now, quickly we jump into our next section.

How to Make Group Video Call on Facebook Messenger Room?

The Facebook Messenger Room feature is available for both Desktop and Smartphones. You also do not have to download any other Application.

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So we will be dividing this section into sub-section. Each one for Desktop and one for Smartphones.

Steps to make a Group video call on Desktop

  1. Launch any of the browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.), enter in the address bar and press enter to open the Facebook homepage.
  2. Create a Room by clicking on the + sign icon from the menu bar at the top right corner of Homescreen
  3. A drop-down menu Create will appear, select the third option Rooms from the above.
  4. A new window will pop up prompting you to create a new Room.
  5. This window will ask you to add the Room details. I.e., Room Name, Start Time, and whether to keep your room visible to all friends or not on their news feed.
  6. Click on Room Name to select from a pre-defined Facebook list, or you can manually add a name by clicking on Add Name option in the list.
  7. After adding Name fix the start time of the group video chat by clicking on Start Time. Select the Start Date and Start time from the respective boxes. Here you can also reset the time to start a quick meeting just now by Clicking on Reset to now. After selecting time click on Save Button.
  8. On the third option select whether the Room is to make visible to your friends on their News Feed and Messenger or not. Though you can select the people who are attending later on.
  9. After selecting the right option click on Create Room button.
  10. After clicking on the Create Room, a new window will appear With your profile picture on top of your Room name and After that your Meeting Room Link.
  11. Select your friends from the contact list below the Search button or type in the search button to select the friends and click on the Send button to send them the link to Join Room.
  12. There is no need to have a Facebook account to attend a meeting over the Facebook Messenger Room. For this, you need to copy the meeting link and share the same with the users who do not have a Facebook account. It’s that simple.
  13. After the member selection, click on Join Room to go to the room and starting the Video Chat.

We have just seen how simple it is to make a video group call on Facebook Messenger Room from your desktop.

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Let’s see will it be difficult on smartphones or not?

Steps to make a Group video call on Smartphones

We have kept this section to both the iOS and Android families. There may be a slight difference but can be improvised by the user.

  1. Turn on your WIFI or mobile data to access the application
  2. To access the Facebook Messenger Room feature you need to download the Messenger apps. If already downloaded check for the latest updates and update the app.
  3. Click on the Messenger icon from your app’s dock and launch the Messenger.
  4. From the Apps home screen click on Create Room (a Video camera Icon) just below your Facebook profile image.
  5. A new window will open showing your Room’s Name, Your room link, and a searchable list of all your contacts to join the room.
  6. By default, the Name of your room will be your username XXXXX’s Room.  But don’t worry you can make it more content relevant by clicking on an Edit button (small pencil sign at the top right corner of the screen).
  7. You can also edit the Start time which by default is Starts Now. To this click on Edit Button and selected Schedule for Later, a Calender will pop up.  Select the date and click ok and then select the time and click OK and your meeting will be set.
  8. In the edit option, you can also grant access to your rooms automatically with a link or people you invite.  This is not available in the desktop version.
  9. Under the Meeting time, you will see a link, which is the Meeting link, which you can share with the person who is not having Facebook accounts.
  10. To add friends and family added to your Facebook accounts just scroll through the name and select them or just type in the name in the search box and select them.
  11. After Selection Click on Join Room and that’s it you have successfully created a room and make a group video chat in Facebook Messenger Room on your Smartphone.

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That’s how simple it is to make group video calls on Facebook messenger Rooms.


In this article, we have gone through how Facebook is competing with other commercial Video conferencing App.

Also, we checked out some features which giving Facebook a cutting edge over the other app. Like we talked about its unlimited time limit for Video Chats, free advanced Facebook Messenger Rooms features, Increased number of users limit, etc.

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Moving further, we have discussed how you can use Messenger Room on your desktop and Smartphones. All the steps to create a Messenger Room and set up group video calls with your friends, family, and other people have been detailed out.

Hoping by reading the above articles you have now in much clearer picture of whether to go for Facebook messenger rooms or not. And what are the steps to be followed to make a group video chat?

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In case you still finding it difficult, you return back to our blog anytime and comment on your issues below.

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