How to Change Emoji Color on Android?

Emojis are one of the best ways to express expressions or mood swings. Almost all are fond of using emojis during chats. Earlier people used words to express their moods or expressions. But for the past few years, we have been so connected on social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and so on. We mainly use these platforms on mobile in the form of apps.

As the way of connection, charges is the same as the way of chatting changes in the past few years. A face-like icon containing various emotions is a great sign to be used during chatting. These Emojis are like a shortcut for the words used – mainly the feelings or expressions. We will see these emojis mainly in the golden yellow skin tone. Have you ever thought, is it possible to change the color of Emoji?? To know the answer to this question, you have to read this article.

What is an Emoji?

In the 1990s, popular communication platforms like MSN, Yahoo, etc. used emoticons for expressing emotions. These old things were not so much used at that time, but as the internet users grow and social media become so much popular on the Internet these things grow again.

After a long time, in the past years, these expressions are used again and fortunately, these things are popular again. In the present scenario the emoticon; also known as Emojis, are widely used on messaging and social media platform; like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and many other platforms.

You may also notice that the phone’s preinstalled keyboard also gets updated and adds new emoji to its device. Using emoji means expressing a lot of words in a symbol, say Emoji.

Emoji is a symbol that represents your emotions or feelings. Just like $ means Dollar, % means Percentage and many more. Nowadays, you will easily get emojis on any social media platform whether it’s Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, or any other. And almost all the phone’s keyboard has an emoticon library.

Moreover, there are many apps available that contain thousands of emojis and add on more when updated.

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Why Yellow Color for Emoji?

Have you ever thought about it? All the emojis by default are a goldish yellow color. Yellow color is a symbol of hope and happiness; when we talk with someone these two are a must for a good communicative conversation.

So, that’s why emojis are yellow-colored. This yellow color also a symbol of spreading joy and light to all around the world. You will be surprised to know that it is the third most used language in the world. On 17th July 2014, the first World’s emoji day was celebrated.

Why Emojis are so popular – 5 Reasons

Here we are explaining the reasons why emojis are popular among youngsters.

#1. Emoji Save Time by expressing a sentence just in a second.

In typing a sentence, you need a few more times than just sending an Emoji. Nowadays people don’t have much time to make long-lasting sentences. Instead of sentences, they use emojis to express their feelings or emotion. As it takes time to type sentences text by text, using Emoji is a great time-saving trick.

#2. Emoji makes are Effortless and make conversation fast

Many people are lazy and don’t prefer to make more effort in typing for making a conversation. For these types of people, emojis are the best for making conversations effortless. Instead of typing text, using emojis is the best way for expressing emotions or feelings.

#3. Emojis are understandable all over the world

Emoji is recognized as one of the most famous languages globally. As emojis are just expressions or feelings so it’s easy to understand the Emoji expression. Moreover, symbols are the same as emojis all over the world as this makes it easy to understand by users.

#4. Emoji contains different gender-specific expressions

Emojis are made for all expressions. There are separate Emojis for girls and boys which represent different expressions for both girls and boys. This also is a reason for the popularity of emojis all around the world.

#5. Emojis makes feel happier and make the conversation interesting

Sometimes making sentences using text makes the conversation boring or irritating. Instead of phrasing long sentences text by text, it’s good to use emojis in the conversations to make them interesting. There are so many reasons that make emojis popular all over the world.

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How to change emoji color on android?

If you want to change emoji color on android then it depends on different android devices and models. In some android devices, there is an option to change emoji color by default while other devices don’t have such an option. But if you want to change the emoji color on android, we will guide you with some of the common methods that work for all devices.

Use Gboard to Change Emoji Color on Android

  • Open G board in any app of conversation.
  • Now, at the bottom of the keyboard tap on the Smiley icon of Emojis.
  • Choose an Emoji which supports color change.
  • Now, long tap on the Emoji; a line of different colors of that emoji shows here.
  • Choose the color of Emoji which you want to use.

Changing Emoji Color on Messenger App, WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram & Instagram

  • On your Android device, open any of the apps; Messenger app/ WhatsApp/ Facebook/ Telegram/ Instagram.
  • Now, click on any chats in the app.
  • At the bottom of the corner tap on the smiley icon.
  • Now there are different Emojis, choose any Emoji like a human face or hands.
  • Long press the emoji or hold it, this will provide you the various colors of that Emoji.
  • Choose any of the favorite colors which you want to use for that Emoji.

So, whether you are using any apps, changing the color of Emojis is a similar process in all these apps.

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Changing Emoji color on android is a similar process, it doesn’t matter if you are using any app. However, if you are fond of using Emojis and want to add new Emojis to your keyboard. Then you can add it using different keyboard apps.

Some of the best apps for Emojis are Kika keyboard, Gboard, Facemoji, Emoji Keyboard, and many are available on the internet. So, in this article, we learn to change the Emoji color on Android. I hope you will like this article and find this information useful to you.

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