How to Fix Amazon Prime Video not Working on Samsung TV

Many Samsung TV owners are currently unable to watch anything on Amazon Prime Video. Many consumers were left perplexed as to why Prime Video was not working on their Samsung smart TV. How to Fix Amazon Prime Video

The most typical explanation for this is the smart tv’s limited memory. Despite the fact that they are smart televisions, the majority of smart televisions currently lack sufficient RAM.

As a result, things get jumbled after a while, and programs like Prime Video cease working. Also, when you switch off your Samsung smart TV, it goes into standby mode rather than being entirely shut off.

That can cause the premier video on your Samsung smart tv to stop operating after a while.

Don’t worry, we’ve done some research and tested the troubleshooting techniques below, and they’ll almost certainly cure the problem on your Samsung television.

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Why Isn’t Amazon Prime Video Working on My Samsung TV?

Before we get started, let’s go through the most prevalent reasons why you’re having trouble streaming Prime Video in the first place.

Your television has insufficient memory. Remove any programs you aren’t using and delete your cache.

The software on your television is out of date. Check your Samsung TV for available updates.

The internet connection is poor. You can repair this by unplugging your router, disconnecting it, and then reconnecting it.

It’s possible that your account is inactive. Check to see if your service subscription is active.

There are issues with the app. By touching the Home button and selecting More Apps, try removing and reinstalling the Amazon Prime app.

Try logging in and out, as well as exiting and closing the app from your background apps, and then restarting it.

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Procedure to Fix Amazon Prime Video Not Working on Samsung TV

We can now move on to remedies now that we’ve worked out what caused your Prime Video app to stop working properly. The following is a list of things to try:

1. Delete Cache

This is the most typical reason why Prime Video won’t work on your Samsung TV: every time we interact with the TV or pick up where we left off viewing a movie, the memory is steadily filled with information cached by the many programs you’re using.

  • Switch on your Samsung television.
  • On your remote control, press the Home button.
  • Go to the Settings option, and then click on the Apps option.
  • After that, you need to click on System Apps.
  • Choose whatever app’s cache you want to remove.
  • Choose Clear Cache.
  • Click OK to confirm.


  • Turn off the television.
  • Hold the power button on your remote for around 20 seconds to erase the TV cache.

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2. Hard Reboot Samsung TV

Turning off and then on the system is an age-old technique that every tech-savvy person will tell you about, but you’d be amazed at how successful it can be:-

  • To switch off the Samsung TV, press and hold the Power button.
  • You might also choose to unplug the Samsung TV’s power cable.
  • Turn off the gadget for 30 seconds before turning it on again.

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3. Update The Samsung TV Software

Samsung distributes Smart TV software upgrades throughout time to improve the device’s performance and fix flaws like the Prime Video app not operating on Samsung TV.

  • Press the Home button on the remote to turn on your Samsung TV.
  • Using the arrow keys, navigate to Settings.
  • Go to the Support tab.
  • And then click on Update Your Software.
  • On the screen, and then select Update Now.

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4. Check the Internet Connection

According to reports on user forums, Smart TV connectivity issues can cause the Amazon Prime Video app to fail unexpectedly and without any error notice.

  • Unplug the wireless router from the power source for 30 seconds to turn it off.
  • Check to see whether the connectivity problem has been fixed by reconnecting the router.
  • If you’re connecting your TV to the internet through an ethernet connection, make sure the line is securely connected between the TV and the router.

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5. Remove/Reinstall/Restart Prime Video App

This piece of advice is also high on our priority list because it is simple to implement and rather successful, so let’s get started:-

  • Go to Settings.
  • And then, click on the Application Manager.
  • After that, click on the option of Prime Video, and then click on Uninstall option.
  • Restart your TV, then reinstall the app.
  • Removing the program will also assist clear out any unwanted cache files that may have been interfering with it.
  • To restart your Prime Video app, press and hold the Select and Play buttons together for a few seconds.

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6. Check For Active Downloads/VPNs

You may have a fast Internet connection and WiFi at times, but this Wifi may be consumed by other downloads and not be powerful enough to handle Amazon Prime Video.

  • Make sure no one is playing games, streaming videos, or downloading large files while you’re attempting to use the app. 
  • Turn off any VPNs you may be using, as they may interfere with the app’s functionality.

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7. Press and Hold the Power Button

  • Switch on your Samsung smart television.
  • Using your remote, press and hold the power button on your Samsung smart TV until the Samsung logo appears.
  • Let go of the power button once you see the Samsung logo on your television.
  • Wait 30 seconds for your Samsung smart TV to boot up.
  • Now go ahead and open Amazon Prime Video. You should now be able to use Amazon Prime Video.

That’s it; there’s an easy remedy for Amazon Prime Video on Samsung Smart TV not working.

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8. Unplug and Plug Back Samsung Smart tv Connectors

  • Remove the Samsung smart tv from the wall outlet.
  • Allow 60 seconds to pass.
  • Reconnect the cable to the wall outlet.
  • Check to see if the Amazon app is working.

That’s it; your Samsung smart tv apps will be reset, and the issue will be resolved. If the problem persists, proceed to the following step to resolve Amazon Prime Video not working.

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9. Unplug and Plug Back Modem Router and Everything

  • Disconnect the cable from the wall socket.
  • Unplug the router and modem, and make sure the power to your Samsung smart TV is turned off.
  • Wait 60 seconds before reconnecting everything.
  • Turn on your television and check to see whether Amazon Video is operating on your Samsung smart television; this should resolve the issue.

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10. Check Your TV’s Software Updates

This is the next thing to try after you’ve made sure your Prime Video App is up to date. Because an issue with the TV’s software could occur, we should rule this out as well by seeing if there is anything that has to be done.

Although the procedure varies with each TV, below is a general guideline for Samsung TV:-

  • To update your software, go to the Settings option.
  • And then click on the Support option.
  • After that, click on the Software Update option.

On your TV, new updates will be downloaded and installed. It generally just takes a few minutes, so don’t switch off the TV until it’s finished.

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11. Check Your Location Settings

If your TV’s location is inaccurate, you may not be able to watch the shows and movies you desire, so check SettingsLocation to see if your location matches your current location.

12. Reset Your TV to Factory Settings

If everything else fails, consider doing a factory reset on your television. Keep in mind that it will delete all of the files on your TV.

The methods may vary somewhat depending on the brand of your TV, but here’s how to do it on a Samsung TV. Go to Settings General Reset, input your PIN (0000 is the default), and then select Reset.

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13. Reset your Samsung Network

Some customers have reported that after doing a network reset, they were able to watch premier videos on their Samsung television. Follow the instructions below to reset the network settings on your Samsung smart TV:

  • Your Samsung remote’s home button should be pressed.
  • Go to settings, then general, then right to network, and then push ok.
  • To reset the network, go to the bottom of the page and select yes.
  • After the reset is complete, go to Network Settings and pick your wireless or wired network, then click OK.
  • Choose your network name and type in your password.

Check to see whether you can play premier video on your Samsung smart tv after connecting to your network.

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14. Power Cycle your Samsung Smart TV

If the cold boot didn’t work, try rebooting your Samsung television and router. This should resolve the issue with Amazon Prime Video not working on your Samsung TV.

  • Remove the power plugs from your Samsung television and router.
  • Plug them in after a minute and wait for them to boot up.
  • Connect your device to the internet.
  • Check to see if Prime Video is operating properly on your Samsung television.

Deregister your device

Many people have stated that by deregistering their Samsung TV, they were able to fix prime video issues. Follow the procedures below to deregister your device:-

  • Visit Prime Video’s official website.
  • Now go to the settings menu.
  • Choose “deregister your device” from the drop-down menu.
  • Select deregister device and then ok for confirmation.
  • Start Prime Video and log in with your credentials.

Check if you can use Prime Video on your Samsung TV after re-registering your device.

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We hope the suggestions above may assist you in resolving your Prime video app issue. This isn’t the most serious issue; as previously stated, emptying your cache should solve the issue.

Also, keep an eye on whether you have enough memory on your television. If everything else has failed, reinstall the application.

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