How To PoP Out Twitch Chat? 2022

Hello friends, today’s topic is how to pop out twitch chat, so if you don’t know what that is, read this post completely.

Twitch is a website that offers a popular live streaming service that also includes video streaming.

You can ask others who broadcast or communicate with them throughout the game to ask questions on this platform, and you can broadcast to your followers by sharing your screen while streaming.

People frequently ask the following questions in the Twitch chat window stream, how to PoP Out Twitch Chat?

There are several techniques for bringing up the stream chat from the settings in only a few clicks, or you may do it directly from the chat settings, where the non-mod settings will be applied.

If you’re a streamer or a viewer, this article will show you how to pop out the chat screen for a stream chat or video.

While the chat pop-out option is easier to perform from settings, the screen pop-out option is definitely possible with the extension you’re using.

How To PoP Out Twitch Chat?

Before, popping out Twitch chat was a bit of a pain, but with new changes, it’s no longer a problem. Follow these steps if you want to leave Twitch chat for another channel as a viewer.

Method 1: Pop-Out Twitch Chat on PC

To begin, the pop-out chat is only available when the channel is live and viewers are interacting. Starting to pop out, on the other hand, is a lot easier than it used to be. Furthermore, it eliminates the requirement for an HTML file.

Simply follow the instructions below to begin it from the live chat window:

  • To begin, go to your Twitch chat account and log in.
  • Second, look for the channel you want to watch by scrolling through the categories or searching for it directly. Go there after you’ve found the channel.
  • When the Channel page has finished loading.
  • Open the “Chat Settings” from the bottom right corner of the same page.
  • A little popup window will appear after clicking the “Settings” icon, with settings such as Readable colours, Hide Chat, and Show Timestamp, among others.
  • Then select “Popout Chat” from the drop-down menu. In the new tab, a chat window appears.
  • This screen is for conversing only. However, you must switch tabs to watch streaming and participate in discussions at the same time.

The Twitch stream conversation has now been popped out of the window.

The different displays, allows both streamers and viewers to focus on the game, conversation, or both at the same time. If you’re a Viewer who’s more interested in conversing than the game, for example, it’s helpful to just open the Twitch chat window. Alternatively, you may use another monitor to display the expanded chat screen so you can easily read the talks; it helps with both.

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Method 2: ​​Pop Out Twitch Chat for Streamers

Streamers who are distracted by chat messages can close the chat window and continue streaming. So, if you’re a Twitch streamer and want to show up your Twitch chat, you’ll need to change your settings to Non-Mod first.

To bring up your chat screen, follow the instructions below:

  • On your Twitch channel, By logging in, you can access your Twitch account.
  • Then, in the live stream, select “Settings,” and a window with Mod settings will appear.
  • On the mod settings screen, you’ll find a variety of options such as channel modes, preferences, tasks, and more. You, on the other hand, have nothing to do with them.
  • Then, in mod settings, go down to the bottom and look for “Switch to Non-Mod settings,” which you may click.

Finally, you’ve managed to change your settings to Non-Mod. To open the Twitch conversation in a different window, use the “Popout Chat” option.

You can drag the window from one point to another to move the popping-out chat screen wherever on your screen.

Twitch Video Popout – Floating Player Extension

The Chrome extension “Floating Player” allows you to float movies or chats over the current windows on your computer. This is a tool for those of us who enjoy watching videos on YouTube or chatting with pals on Twitch while working.


Let’s have a look at the advantages of floating players in Chrome:

  • Because you can pop out the chat screen or video with a single click, this plugin is very simple to use.
  • You may retain your chat screen across all apps and games by using the floating player.
  • You can also use audio-only mode by switching to “Mini mode.”
  • Furthermore, you can hide and reopen the pop-out screen whenever you like.
  • It is simple to manage. While multitasking, you can control the Twitch popped-out window.
  • You can also change the size and position of the image on your screen. As a result, it does not interfere with your work and is always visible on your screen.

Use Instructions:

Using the plugin on your Windows OS, you may even pop out the screen on your desktop.

On Twitch desktop, simply pop out the screen:

  • To begin, go to Chrome Web Store and download the Floating player extension.
  • Open the video or chat page as well.
  • To make Pop-out, click the extension icon in Chrome’s upper right corner.
  • Finally, you may change the size and manipulate the Pop-out in the same way that you can with the window.
  • Also, while working or browsing the internet, you can watch YouTube or Twitch videos and participate in Twitch chat.

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Is it possible to use popout chat when the Twitch channel isn’t active?

No, you can’t leave Twitch if the channel isn’t active. When the channel is live, the popout choice will appear.

Will the popup chat function even if you aren’t watching the channel?

Yes, you can use the popout conversation even if you aren’t watching the channel. You may even close Twitch on your browser while continuing to communicate because the popout chat appears in a distinct window.

Is it possible to have a private chat on Twitch?

Yes, if both you and the person you’re chatting to have the whispering option activated, you can have private communication on Twitch.

How can I get my Twitch conversation to appear?

Your chat settings will automatically put you in Moderator mode. There should be a link to non-moderator options at the bottom of the page if you scroll down. The option to pop out the chat into its own window is available in the non-mod options.

How can I open a conversation that isn’t currently active?

You won’t be able to open the chat window if it isn’t active. Only when the channel is active will people’s comments appear in the chatbox.

Is there a quicker way to close the live chat window?

The Twitch live chat window now offers an option to depart the chat window that Twitch has created and made available.

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If you’re a streamer with only one monitor and want to see their chat, popping out the chat window is quite beneficial. This allows you to keep up with the chat chats while streaming. Streamers, on the other hand, cannot use Twitch chat while playing a full-screen game.

Popout chat can be quite handy for viewers who are only interested in chatting and not in viewing the entire show.

You may quickly pop out twitch chat using this way, and I hope you will understand how to do so. So, if you enjoyed this essay, please leave a comment and share it with your friends.

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