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How to Use Pinterest for Business Account – A Complete Guide

If you still think that Facebook can only be a good social media platform to promote your business. Then you have to rethink your business strategy. You can’t afford to ignore Pinterest for your Business account.

Launched in March 2010, Pinterest originally designed for collecting anything people are passionate about over the Internet. Later people started using it as a tool to get inspiration from pinners (Pinterest users) collection to do things or solve problems in their lives. And since then it is getting bigger and bigger.

Today, Pinterest has over 400 million monthly active users and over 240 billion pins pinned by the Pinners.

See, how many people are visiting Pinterest seeking inspiration to do things better ways. You are there either for sharing some information or seeking the information. And that’s how today small businesses and marketers are cashing in the opportunity by showcasing their products and services as solutions on Pinterest.

That’s why today we are here too with our simple yet comprehensive guide on how to use Pinterest for Business Account.

A Simple Guide to Use Pinterest for Business Account

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Let’s start right away.

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Why do you need Pinterest for Business Account?

People consider buying more from the brands that are publishing high-quality visual content in their pins and ads. And if you talk about the best visuals, Pinterest is amongst the best high-quality visual depositaries available at the moment. Today not only small content creators but big Companies like Samsung, La Mer, Cadbury, Airbnb, Heist, etc are creating engaging visual content to upscale their marketing campaigns.

Let’s check out what are the top reasons you should be on the Pinterest Business Account

There are some more reasons, but we kept this to these important reasons only. So to keep you reading further the most important things.

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Update your Pinterest Basics knowledge

Before we move forward more with the Business accounts let’s quickly go through the basics of Pinterest.

  1. Understanding the Visual Search Engine:Pinterest also works as a Visual Search Engine along with a Visual Content depository. People visit Pinterest to search for inspiration for their projects, their buying decisions, their purchases.As you must know how a search engine works? Yes, the same concept applies here. User type in his query in the search bar, search engines grabs all the most relevant pins and show them to the users.So, it became important for the business to have a Pinterest Pin or two in the search results.
  2. Pins:Pins are the most important part of a Pinners’ life. Pins are what hold all the visual content, be it is Images, Infographics, Video, with a link to the source.You can add a new pin, save a pin, search for a pin, even directly add pins to your boards from websites.You must upload an image or video to create a Pin.
  3. Boards:Boards are the collection of Pins. Boards can be said as a category under which related subject Pins are consolidated.Boards can be public, or private (Secrete what Pinterest called it). Of course, Secret Boards are sharable. You can add collaborators to work on Secret Boards.You need to select a Board before publishing your saving a Pin. You can create multiple boards to keep all your related Pins in their places.Being a brand you should categorize all your Pins in their relevant boards to makes customer’s life easy.
  4. RepinsThink of it as re-sharing someone’s content to your own page. Businesses are doing it immensely. Sometimes it is so easy to re-pins an original pin than to create a new one.There is no reason to re-invent the wheel again when you can buy it. The same goes here too.In simple language when you add a pin to your own board while searching through the Pinterest feed it is said to be Re-pining the Pin.Keep in mind re-pining the original pin doesn’t change its source. So make sure you are not re- pining your competitor pins.
  5. Promoted PinsYes, on Pinterest too you can do the paid advertisements like in any other Social Media Platforms. Pinterest put the Paid Pins to the Boards where users are expected to get from their search queries.Pinterest uses the information he collects from users’ activity and their interest to index these promoted Pins.

If you are short on time then this paid advertisement can bring in some good results. But for getting the best results you must be an expert in paid advertising; Or else should get help from an expert before putting your hard money in.

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Create your Pinterest for Business Account Profile

Follow the below steps to create your Pinterest Business Profile absolutely free. Yes, you heard it right it’s free to create Pinterest Business Profile.

In Pinterest, you can create Pinterest Business Profile in three different ways, which are.

Let’s take all three options one by one

Create an all-new Pinterest for Business Account right from scratch

  1. If you don’t have an account or want to create a new account.
  2. Click on the Signup button at the top right corner of the Homepage, a Popup login window will open up, scroll down to the bottom and click on Create a Business Account. Or
  3. Click on the Business menu item from the Menu Bar at top of the homepage to visit the Pinterest Business Page. From the Business Page home click on the Signup button at the top right corner of the Homepage.
  4. Enter your Email ID, Create your password (Make sure the password is difficult to break), and Your Age.
  5. You will be directed to a new window for building your profile.
    • Click on the Pencil button to upload your Profile Picture, and Click open after picture selection.
    • Enter your Profile Name (that should be either your Business or brand name)
    • If you have a website, enter Website Address, else select No.
    • After entering your website, select your country/region.
    • Then select your language and then click on the Next button
  6. After clicking on the Next button you will be directed to another window for setting your recommendations by Pinterest.
    • Select focus of your brand from the drop-down list, if not there select other and type in your focus on the text box.
    • After Focus selection, Select what are your business goals. You can select up to 3 goals here. Don’t worry these options can be edited or update anytime you want. I still not sure just select Not sure yet.
    • After selecting the goals click on the Next button to proceed further with your Pinterest for Business Account.
  7. After clicking next, you will be directed to a new window prompting you to select your role. Click on the most suitable options that fit and click on the Next button to proceed.
  8. After Clicking Next Pinterest will prompt you to select whether you are interested in Advertising on Pinterest or not. Don’t worry if you are not sure click on I’m not sure yet. After selecting the option Click on the Next button.
  9. On the next window, chose either to create a Pin, create an Ad or Build your profile. If you can’t wait to see your new Business profile, then just click on the X button just below your Profile Icon at the top-right corner of the screen.

That’s it now you have all new Pinterest for Business Account profile (Business Hub what Pinterest said it). Pinterest recommends using a work email address and real name if you signed up for an Ad Account. This will help the Account owner help to identify the other users of the ad account.

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Don’t worry to remember many login credentials for accessing your Pinterest Business accounts. Use your Personal Pinterest Account to create a new and Linked Pinterest for Business Account. You can use the same login credentials to access both accounts. Pinterest gives you the option to link up to 4 Pinterest Business Accounts with your Personal Pinterest Account.

Let’s look into the steps to link all new Pinterest Business Account with Personal Pinterest Account.

  1. Open your browser to launch Pinterest. Click the Login button to open the Login window.
  2. Enter your Login id and password and log in to your personal Pinterest account.
  3. From the home screen click on the V down arrow key at the top right corner of the Homepage.
  4. From the dropdown menu select Settings.
  5. You will be directed to the Setting page, from the left Side Navigation Bar, select Account Settings.
  6. Under the Account Setting, scroll down to the Account Changes.
  7. Under the Account Changes, Click on Get Started next to Link your business and account label.
  8. A new window for linking the Business account will appear, Click on Create a linked business account button.
  9. That’s it your all-new Pinterest for Business Account will be created. Pinterest will also prompt you to copy your Boards from your personal Pinterest Account to your Pinterest Business Account. Click Copy Boards to copy or No thanks to don’t.

See how simply you can create Linked Pinterest for Business Account. To access your Pinterest Business Account click on V Button from your Personal Pinterest Account page and select your Pinterest Business Account name. Or just go to Pinterest Business Homepage and login with your Personal Business Account credentials.

Let’s jump right onto our last method to create the Pinterest Business Account.

Convert your personal Pinterest account into a new Pinterest for Business Account

If you don’t want to have a separate Pinterest for Business Account and comfortable using your personal Pinterest account. Then this option is for you. Yes, of course, you can switch back to your personal account anytime you want.

Let’s us see how to convert your personal Pinterest account into Pinterest Business Account

  1. Log into your personal Business Account from your Pinterest Homepage
  2. Click V down arrow key at the top right corner of your profile home page.
  3. From the drop-down menu click on Settings.
  4. On the setting page, click Account Settings from the left Side Navigation Bar.
  5. Under the Account Settings scroll down to the Account Changes.
  6. Under the Account Changes Settings Click on Get Started right next to Convert to business account label.
  7. From the new window click Switch to the business button at the bottom of the window.
  8. And here you have all new Pinterest for Business Account

This is the so far the simple and best way if you don’t want to separately maintain personal and business accounts on Pinterest.

By creating Pinterest for Business Account profile by any of the above three methods you will also be accepting Pinterest’s Business Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

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Building your very first Pin from Pinterest Business Account

As we have told you above Pins are center of the Pinterest. You should have to know how to build one. That’s what we are going to cover in this section.

  1. Log in to your Pinterest Business Account to access Business Hub Dashboard.
  2. Click on Create at the top left menu of the Business Hub Dashboard, and then click on Create Pin to create a Pin.
  3. After clicking on create a pin, you will be directed to the Pinterest Pin Builder.
  4. To upload the Picture click on ↑ Up Arrow Key or drag and drop your picture from the computer into the Image uploader.
  5. After uploading the picture a left sidebar is available with three options
    • Edit Pin – Use this Option to Resize Image, Adding Logo, and Text overlays
    • Tag Products – Use this Option to Add your Products Pins, or Products Images from your website to your Pin
    • Delete Image – Use this option to delete the current Image.
  6. After editing the Picture, Add your Title, Description, Alt Text (for Peoples using screen readers), and your source Link (It should be your landing page).
  7. After entering the details select whether to publish immediately or Schedule the Pin to be published at later date.
  8. After selecting the publish status select a board from the dropdown menu at the top right corner of the Pin Builder, left to the Publish Button.
  9. You can also choose to publish your posts to all of the Boards or a new one by clicking Create Board at the bottom of the Boards Menu.
  10. After selecting the Board, click on Publish.

That’s all how you have to publish your pins from now.

Now that you have published your very first Pin, let’s quickly move to our new section.

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Tips for Creating a Pin that brings in the business

Creating a Pin for learning is one thing and creating a Pin that brings in the business is another. It takes a lot of experience and creativity to create visually compelling pins; that make your user wants to explore more of your products. But definitely, it is not rocket science.

So, we are here with some tips on how to create visually compelling Pins? These tips are coming right away from Pinterest itself. Let’s begin.

Standard Pins

Video Pins

Make sure to use these tips and tricks while creating your Business marketing campaign Pins. This will surely gonna add some positive growth to your business.

Let’s move to our next section to see what tools, matrices, and filters you can use to achieve your business goals.

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Tools, Metrics, and Filters that help you achieve your business goals

Yes, of course, you need a compelling Pin to increase your chances to gain more and more engagements. But, that is not the only factor that can help you achieve your business goals. To achieve that Pinterest provides some Tools, Metrics, and Filters with your Pinterest for Business Account.

Let’s take a look at all these one by one.

Pinterest Tools for business:

Pinterest is a powerful platform that you can use to achieve your Business Goals. To do so Pinterest offers some incredible tools with their Pinterest for Business Account, which are:

Targeting Tools

Targeting is one of the key strategies, businesses used to achieve their business goals. Targeting plays a vital role in a successful marketing campaign. Using the right targeting options you will end up promoting your business to the right audience. It will help you increase your conversion rate at the same time decrease the campaign costs.

Using Pinterest you can use these Targeting tools

Interest Targeting:

The best way to reach out to people is what they have come here for. Their activities and selection Pinterest collects the information and uses this information to place ads for the businesses.

So, it is become important to choose the most relevant Interests while launching your ad campaign.

Interest Targeting is mostly used by Businesses trying to increase their brand awareness.

Keyword Targeting:

This is yet another tool Pinterest provides while creating an Ad campaign. Keywords are the search terms which people use while looking for ideas, products, or interests. Again Pinterest uses these keywords to match up with the Search Queries of the people. The closest the keyword the more chances your Ads will top up the search.

As per Pinterest 40% of people find and click through pins from the results of their Search Queries. Again relevancy is the key to success here.

Audience Targeting:

This tool helps you target your existing customers and potential customers. They can be either the ones who have any time visited your websites, landing pages. Or they can be the ones that have interacted with your Pins, ads on Pinterest. You can target four types of Audience here:

Demographics Targeting

Use this tool to more refine your Audience based on the age, gender, countries, cities, locations, languages, devices they are using.

Placement Tools

This tool will help you to place your Ads at Peoples Home feeds, in search results, or on both. Pinterest recommends using both options for better Ad campaign results. By default, every ad campaign is created with both options.

Auction Tools

Auction Tool helps you to bid for the actions you want from your ad campaign. You bid to remain top of the competition. Pinterest provides the Second-price auction, which means if you are the highest bidder, you only have to pay $0.01 higher than the second-highest bid you have beaten.

Pinterest will bill you on a Per Thousand impressions (CPM), per Click (CPC), Per video view (CPV) basis.

With all these tools you can make sure that all the business goals will be achieved.

Metrics, and Filters that will help you achieve your business objectives

You cannot wait till your ad campaign is over to get the desired results. You have to proactively keep track of your Ad campaign. How it is going? Does it need some changes? And so on.


Buy how you can check that. Here where the metrics play an important role to understand the actual position of the ad campaign in real-time. Let’s look into some of the important metrics.

This is not the complete list of the metrics. We have covered the important ones only, which will be very helpful in tracking your Ad campaigns.

Though these metrics are useful to know the performance of the ad campaigns, you can also use Filters to dig some more insights from the ad performance.

Let’s quickly check some of the important Filters.


Filter data will help you prepare strategies for your plan.


Thanks for coming this far with us. Hopes you are now able to quickly start using Pinterest for Business account.

In the first section, you understand how important Pinterest can be for your Business. Pinterest is the only Social Media Platform where you can find the Customers actually seeking the solution or ideas.

Later, we have reviewed some of the basics of Pinterest. We talked about Pins, Boards, Repins, Promoted Pins, Visual Search Engines, etc.

Moving further, we have gone through the step-by-step section on how to set your Pinterest for Business Account. Immediately followed by our next section where we learn how to create a Pin in Pinterest Business Account.

We also talk about some tips and tricks to create compelling Pins to increase customer engagement and conversions.

Our Tools, metrics, and Filter sections have explained some of the important tools, metrics, and filters that will help you achieve your business goals and objectives.

We have tried to keep the language of this guide as simple as it can be, for a better understanding. Though, there may be chances that you may have comes up with some doubt or issues.

You can share your thoughts, doubts, issues down in our comment section below.

Thanks for keeping with us and start pinning on Pinterest.

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