10+ Tips to Get Discounts on Hotels

If you are looking for Hotels to stay at a cheap rate, that is very difficult, as the prices of hotels are increasing at a very high rate. But there are some ways through which you can save money by getting discounts on Hotels. To get discounts on hotels there are some tricks which you can use to minimize the hotel bills.

Hotels mainly focus on filling up as many rooms as possible. Because that’s the way through which they will generate revenue. And if the rooms are empty, they will not generate so much profit from the hotel. That’s why hotels offer quite a flexible pricing. Even some luxurious hotels also create offers to give out discounts, so that customers stay in their rooms.

Tips and Tricks to get discounts on Hotels

1. Plan your trip in Off-Season

It is better to plan your trip at a time where tourism has dropped down. During vacations or on seasons people attract more to the places where they want to spend the vacations and Hotels take benefits and increase the prices of their rooms and other services.

So, if you want to get hotels at a discounted price plan your trip during Offseason. Also, plan your trip at the right destination where you can save plenty of hotel fares.

2. Research about Hotels

Before going anywhere, search about the hotels on various travel websites where you get the best deals. For example, www.Orbitz.com & www.Expedia.com offer you discounts on hotel bookings via their app.

You can also get quotes from the actual hotel chains and compare all the offerings to choose the best which is suitable for you. In this way, you can easily compare hotels and find the best deal for you.

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3. Contact the Hotel Directly

Whenever you want to plan for a hotel, it’s best to contact the hotel directly via a phone call. As you will ask them about the discount directly and have a better chance to get a discount.

4. Look for the Organizational Membership Discounts

Whether it’s an offline or online mode, when you apply for any hotels, check whether they offer discounts to members of any organization like AARP, Military, AAA, or any other. Mention this membership in your profile so that you may get a discount on hotel rooms.

If you found a difference between the online rate and the rate offered by the hotel then compare both and ask about it.

5. Ask about Corporate Rate Discounts

If you find that the corporate rate is lower than the hotel price quote, you can request them to lower the price even if you are not on business travel. Generally, the corporate rate is usually 20 percent lower than normal pricing. So, you can request them to give a discount.

6. Use Specific Credit Cards or Payment Methods

Book the hotels with specific credit cards that offer discounts on hotel bookings. Moreover, in some hotels, you will get an extra discount when you are paying the bills from specific payment methods or cards.

Also, if you have any vouchers or gift cards for hotels that you won earlier, don’t forget to use those vouchers or gift cards.

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7. Ask to get a discount on additional bookings

If you have stayed in a hotel and you need some extra rooms, then they may give you a discount as you are an existing customer. And if you want to celebrate any occasions like birthday celebration, anniversary then you can ask the manager politely to offer you any additional services at a lesser rate than usual.

They may upgrade your room, give you an extra discount, or even a bottle of champagne as a birthday gift.

8. Choose your Hotel Wisely

It totally depends on the purpose of the stay whether you stay at a hotel for celebration, traveling, business meetings, or something else.

Depending on your situation and budget you can choose the hotels, as there are a variety of hotels including luxury hotels, low-class hotels, inns. So, if you want to save money you can choose the best hotel according to your choice or purpose of staying.

9. Don’t skip the last-minute deals

Instead of booking early, you can book the hotel at the last minute also. As sometimes the business organizations book a block of the room but some rooms are empty as they want them. The hotel’s manager was trying to fill the vacant rooms and offered discounts on those.

So, you can take advantage of the last-minute deal and get the rooms at a more discounted price. For securing this last-minute deal, it’s better to call the hotel directly. The discounts for these rooms can also be found on websites such as Hotwire or on hotel websites.

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10. Stay at Hotels which gives rewards

As we know, staying at hotels is too costly nowadays. Hotels often arrange some rewards programs or guest programs so you can participate in these types of programs and take benefits. Like the Red roof Inn and Super 8 arranges programs to reward their loyal customers for choosing their hotels.

Whenever you stay at a Hotel some Hotels give you points on each stay. These points can be used as a free night stay and lowering the cost of long-term staying. So, it is better to stay at the hotels which give you this type of discount.

11. Book a Package Deal

If you are planning a long stay trip, you can book special package deals that include flight tickets, hotels fare, and car rentals. By booking all these things in a special package you can easily get discounts on all the included items, instead of getting discounts separately.


It’s obvious to look for discounts on Hotels, as they are money consuming whenever you are planning a trip. In this blog, we discuss various tricks and tips through which you can easily get discounts on Hotels.

The method of applying for a discount depends on your situation as you can not apply all the methods at a time. I hope these discount methods work for you.

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