Top 12 Most Subscribed YouTube Channels

Nowadays, people enjoy their free time by watching the fantastic content of YouTube. It is one of the popular apps that help in providing ample amount of entertainment and enjoyment. The reports claim that around two billion people reach YouTube channels and watch amazing videos. Numerous most subscribed YouTube channels focus on providing knowledge and entertainment to the users. 

It depends on the viewer that which channel they want to watch because YouTube represents various categories of the videos. Thus the audience starts following their talented stars on YouTube as well as on other social media. However, there are only some content creators that are very popular among viewers. The audience prefers watching videos of these YouTubers; thus, some of them have listed below.


YouTube helps in providing various types of classes to entertain the audience, and some of the categories have given below:

  • Fashion
  • Entertainment 
  • Educational
  • Beauty 
  • Music
  • Gaming 
  • Newsfeed
  • Movies and many other talented videos 

The list of famous YouTubers may vary according to the different content they produce for their audience. Some of them post fashion videos for inspiring people with new fashion ideas. On the other side, some of the other famous YouTubers post gaming or comedy videos to entertain their respective audience. Thus, some of the most subscribed YouTubers have represented below. 

Top listed YouTubers of the world

There is a particular list of most-viewed YouTube channels that provide crafting and innovative videos to entertain the audience with perfect knowledge. Even, YouTubers help in educating people by providing informative experience, and thus, YouTube has always benefited viewers with numerous videos. The list of most subscribed channels has shown below:

#1. T-Series


T-Series: Who has the most subscribers on YouTube? Admittedly, it is one of the popular YouTube channels that have around 129 million subscribers. The T-Series channel helps in providing fantastic music and film production content on YouTube to entertain the audience. It is famous for its clips and music video’s creativity level among the viewers. No other channel has taken over T-Series till now; thus, T-Series has a top subscription level of the world. Also, the channel has come from India and helps in providing fantastic content of Bollywood music. 

#2. PewDiePie


The PewDiePie is the second most popular YouTube channel that contains 103 million subscribers around the world. The creators of PewDiePie have provided substantial efforts to increase the subscription level than T-Series; however, they are not successful yet. The individual creator of the PewDiePie named Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg focuses on providing information related to numerous games. The channel helps in delivering various live streaming videos of popular games. This individual also collabs with other YouTube channels to entertain his audience. In addition to this, he also focuses on doing series and vlogging to provide informative knowledge to the people. 

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#3. Cocomelon –Nursery Rhymes

Cocomelon –Nursery Rhymes

Nowadays, you know that kids also find YouTube lovable. Thus they watch different cartoons and other gaming videos on YouTube. Therefore Cocomelon is one of the famous YouTube channels that help in providing nursery rhymes videos for the kids. It has a large subscription of around 73.8million to entertain kids around the world. Every parent can effortlessly entertain their kids by using the auto-play feature of the Cocomelon videos. Your kid will never cry and scream while watching entertaining as well as knowledgeable videos about nursery rhymes. All the videos contain cartoonish features and designs to entertain children with all the characters of the rhyme videos. 

#4. SET India

SET India

It is one of the top YouTubers channels that provide a large number of episodes of all Indian TV shows. It has owned by Sony Entertainment Television to post all the TV shows. All the viewers can easily watch different shows on their digital devices without the need for TV. This fantastic high language channel has a subscription of around 65.6 million. 

#5. 5-Minute Crafts

5-Minute Crafts

The 5-Minute crafts consist of around 64.6 million subscribers because of their innovative videos. This channel helps in providing a wide range of videos on numerous facts. It originated in 2016; however, the channel has gained much popularity in a short time. It is mainly a DIY channel that offers live hacks and various parental craft options. You can amazingly use these five-minute crafts in your routine life to get faster results. 

#6. Canal KondZilla

Canal KondZilla

The Canal Kondzilla is a famous channel conducted by the Konrad Cunha Dantas for making renowned music videos. He is a renowned music video producer that focuses on posting unique videos for his audience. You can watch the innovative creation of the Kondzilla group with remarkable features. They also post some behind scene videos to keep the audience entertained. Also, the Canal Kondzilla is a channel with 55.7 million subscribers because of the popular as well as featured music. 

#7. WWE


The most subscribed YouTube channels live that has around 55 million viewers or subscribers. It is a sports YouTube channel that provides wrestling clips. This channel is popular among each corner of the earth because it contains around ten million subscribers from each side of the planet. The channel provides live fights between the wrestlers. Also, it includes scene footage to entertain the viewers with amazing wrestlers. You can watch a full wrestling match clip from the WWE channel of YouTube. 

#8. Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

It is genuine that when it comes to pop singing, Justin Bieber is one of the top You Tubers in the world. He provides the most innovative music videos to his audience by using various features. Many people have already subscribed to his channel to get proper updates about the videos. He has around 51.5 million subscribers that keenly like to watch his every video clip. He also posts interviews and promo video clips to keep his audience active. Justin Bieber also posts behind the scene, footage on his channel to entertain his audience. Thus, you should visit his channel to have proper knowledge about the music video clips and other promo videos. 

#9. Zee Music Company

Zee Music Company

The Zee Music Company is a very famous music producing company in the world that consists of 50.6 million subscribers. The channel posts music related to different television shows and films. The audience finds the music attractive and entertaining because Zee Music Company provides various features on the music. It has posted a large number of videos to attract more viewers towards the channel, and they successfully have a loyal audience that likes to watch their fresh videos.  

#10. Dude Perfect

Dude Perfect

These five guys are top You Tubers that provides perfect sports videos to the audience. It is a second famous sports entertainment video channel that has around 49.3 million subscribers. Many people prefer watching their videos because they provide new tricks to win the match in different sports and also provide informative knowledge. These five people started working together by posting basketball trick shot videos, and now they are the most famous You Tubers that runs the second most subscribed YouTube channel of the world. You can quickly find content related to trick shots and lasers on the channel; however, now they have started posting more attractive videos to entertain the audience effortlessly. 

#11. Like Nastya Vlog

Like Nastya Vlog

The like Nastya Vlog is a popular kid channel that has 48.3 million subscribers of the world. The vlog is mainly run by Nastya and her parents to entertain people around the globe with innovative videos. They post various video clips based on trips, singing, recreation, and many others. Also, Nastya and her parents recreate the scenes of the film to entertain their audience, and they also sing beautiful songs. Nastya also has a different channel, but she has subscribers around 15 million, and she posts activity park videos on the channel to entertain other kids of the world. You can make your kid learn various activities by using Like Nastya vlog YouTube channel. 

#12. Kids Diana Show

Kids Diana Show

The Kids Diana Show is the most viewed YouTube channel that offers kids content. You should make your kid watch these videos because the girl named Diana shows her live videos. She posts many unboxing and activity video clips on the YouTube channel to entertain her audience. She also provides tour video clips to her viewers. This girl is a very fantastic content creator that posts challenge videos on the Kids Diana channel. Thus, you should follow her channel is that you prefer watching entertainment videos of the kids.  

How can you become the most-subscribed YouTube?

You need to start your YouTube account somewhere but it will have no subscribers for you. It takes some time if you want to be the top ten most subscribed channel. The only thing at first which you should open your account and rest is up to that how to take it. The below points will let you know to make a YouTube channel.

  • How can you create your own channel?
  • Add appearance to your channel and make it perfect.

Now create content for your YouTube account through videos. But make sure to stick to the informative ones. To no waste your time, you must make one thing sure that you make it right in one time. Properly edit your content and publish it so that people find it adoring enough.

  • Use the best software for video editing
  • Make perfect size for the video
  • Preview your content

You have reached your success and your content is ready for the masses. Thus, it helps you to gain good every time. However, make one thing very sure that videos must be according to your interest. You must know everything about YouTube and data must be there for you. 

These are some of the top You Tubers in the world that provides the best efforts to entertain their audience with different capabilities. Some of them post gaming videos and some other post fashion or music videos. 

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Final Words

Among the above all channels, T-Series is the top listed. This channel has around 133 million subscribers and more than 3 billion views on each video. Thus, it has been the most-viewed and subscribed channel in the whole world. This channel is for Bollywood tracks sung in Indian and Hindi language. Also, it was the first channel to cross 100 million subscribers on it.

Thus, it depends on the interest of the viewers that what they want to watch and which channel they want to subscribe to. You can pleasantly enjoy live streaming and innovative music videos through these YouTube channels. There are numerous channels; however, T-series is one of the top subscribed channels of the world provided by the Indian film production company. Therefore relax and chill by watching exciting videos on the top YouTube channels!

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