10 Best Chrome Flags For Android To Boost Browsing of 2022

Google Chrome has surpassed Internet Explorer as the most popular browser. Nearly everyone uses it, and it comes pre-installed on all Android devices. It is now the most widely used browser, if not the only one.

Although Chrome has been steadily improving and few people have expressed dissatisfaction with its performance, it offers a number of fantastic hidden capabilities that few people are aware of.

These capabilities are available to everyone and can assist you in customizing your browser for the optimal Chrome experience. These ‘secret’ elements aren’t really hidden, even if they aren’t well known. Users can access these using flags that can be turned on and off.

Chrome Flags are experimental features in the Chrome Browser that are available to users but have not yet been released to the general public. Google Chrome offers a dedicated Chrome Flags page where users may try out all of the experimental features. Chrome:/flags allows you to access and enable all of Chrome’s flags.

Let’s have a look at several Chrome flags that will improve your browser experience and push it to the next level. The best Chrome flags for Android smartphones are listed in this article, which you may enable right away to try out the experimental features.

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List of Best Chrome Flags For Android To Boost Browsing

Here are some of the top Chrome Flags for Android that will help you improve your web browsing experience.

1. Preview Pages

This is a flag that will come in handy if you want to preview a link but don’t want it to open in a new tab. This feature was previously known as “Sneak Peek” and is now known as “ephemeral.” By going to chrome:/flags and searching for ephemeral, you can enable this flag.

You can long-press any link and then select the Preview page once you’ve activated this Chrome flag on your Android device.

The link you’ve chosen will appear as an overlay at the bottom of the page. If you want to see the page, swipe up, and if you want to conceal it, swipe down.

2. Dark Mode

The majority of people have a tendency of browsing late at night. This Google Chrome flag is ideal for Chrome users who use the browser in the dark. When we search or browse to any website, we are usually presented with a white background.

This Chrome flag in Android will turn all of the pages to a black background, which will be pleasant to the eyes. You may enable this Chrome flag by going to chrome:/flags and searching for force dark. Restart your browser now to see the results.

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3. Copy Images

If you wish to share any image you found on the web, another important flag option is “copy image.” Instead of downloading the image, simply use this flag to paste it as a reply to any text message.

To enable this flag, go to chrome:/flags and type copy image in the search box. Once this flag is activated, you can search for any image and select ‘copy image’ by long-pressing it.

4. Simplified Reader Mode

Although none of us enjoys seeing advertisements, they are one of the most important sources of money for websites. When we install ad blockers on a website, they lose out on the revenue that could have been generated.

There is a way for us to both support the website and continue viewing it without interruption. The Simplified Reader Mode can be used to do this. When enabled, this flag benefits both users and the website because it does not block adverts but also does not cause distractions.

Previously, this flag was known as ‘Reader Mode.’ You can enable Reader Mode by going to chrome:/flags and searching for it.

After you’ve activated this flag, go to your favourite website and Google will ask you if you want to see it in Simplified Mode. You can now read your favourite blog without being interrupted.

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5. Smooth Scrolling

Large web pages will take a long time to load on your smartphone. When scrolling across the pages, there may be some lag. For Android devices, the ‘Smooth Scrolling’ Chrome flag can assist you to overcome the problem.

This flag allows you to scroll smoothly and without glitches across any webpage. You can enable this flag by going to chrome:/flags and searching for ‘Smooth Scrolling.’

6. Autofill UPI Details

In today’s world, almost everyone has migrated to UPI. This functionality can be really useful at times. This flag will allow you to save your UPI information so that you may automatically fill in your UPI id anytime you make an online payment that requires UPI information. To enable this Chrome flag for Android, go to chrome:/flags and search for UPI.

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7. Parallel Download for Faster Speed

When you enable the Parallel Download flag, the file you’re downloading will be divided into many portions and downloaded in parallel. IDM (Internet Download Manager) is a similar app. Go to chrome:/flags and search for parallel downloading to enable it. After you’ve enabled this flag, you’ll notice a noticeable increase in download speed.

8. Sharing Hub

The Sharing hub is another useful feature in Chrome flags for Android smartphones. This flag will assist you in sharing any link in a new user interface rapidly. When you use the sharing hub, you will be offered three options: QR Code, Send to Device and Copy Link.

You can share URLs by QR code using the QR Code option. This option might not be available right now. To enable this flag, go to chrome:/flags and type sharing hub into the search box.

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9. Tab Groups

The Tab Groups setting can be used to keep your Google Chrome browser clean and well-maintained. We typically leave a huge number of tabs open while doing research or searching for something, leaving us unsure which ones we need and which ones we don’t.

Enabling Tab Groups in Chrome settings allows you to group and segregate the tabs you want from the ones you don’t.

We’ve all used Google Lens, and we’ve found it to be one of the most beneficial Google Apps. If you combine Google Lens with Google Search, you can improve your experience even more.

With only one scan, you’ll have all the information you need. It also allows you to scan fragments of the image you require and obtain detailed information about it.

You may enable this Chrome flag for Android by going to chrome:/flags and getting instant access to a wealth of information with just a scan.

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Final Words

Your browser will be significantly increased if you use all of the above-mentioned Chrome Flags for Android to Boost Browsing. This will improve the quality of your entire experience.

That’s all I’ve got for today. We hope you have as much fun reading this essay as we had writing it for you. On that point, don’t forget to check out Fixing Port, your one-stop shop for all the newest tech news and updates.

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