How to Make Hotspot Faster iPhone? {Detailed Guide}

If you are searching for the details of how to make Hotspot faster iPhone. Read this article and know the brief details related to this topic. There are various techniques for accelerating hotspots depending on your device.

Altering the Wi-Fi frequency, moving the router, or installing third-party programs are all options. Later, we will go into more detail about those.

In this modern age, when everything is online, slow internet speeds can be a concern. Serious issues with slow internet might arise both at work and in your personal life.

But as in any case, we must first look into the underlying reasons why a slow hotspot exists. Only then can we put in place a workable fix. You can improve the responsiveness of your how to make Hotspot Faster iPhone in this article. So let’s get going.

Procedure to Make Hotspot Faster iPhone

There aren’t many ways to speed up hotspots for iPhone users. By activating the Maximize Compatibility function, you can select between the 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz frequencies. Unfortunately, the iPhone 12 and later are the only devices with this option.

Step 1:

Open Settings first.

Step 2:

Head over to Personal Hotspot.

Step 3:

The Maximize Compatibility option is located at the bottom of the page. Activate the toggle.

It’s useful to keep in mind that the iPhone operates by default at 5.4GHz. Therefore, when you enable this function, you choose the slower but more suitable 2.4 GHz frequency.

If utilizing this approach doesn’t work, try using a cable to connect your phone and laptop directly. This guarantees a quick connection.

Make Hotspots Faster on PS4/PS5 and Xbox

The hotspot feature, which allows devices to share internet connections with one another, is not available on PlayStation and Xbox consoles. 

Only your mobile hotspot can be used to connect to them. So, here are some simple techniques if you want to increase mobile hotspot performance on your PS4/PS5 and Xbox.

Switch to 5GHz

As we previously discussed, you can choose the 5 GHz frequency on your phone this time to speed up the hotspot for game consoles. These simple methods are for PS4/PS5 systems.

Step 1:

Open Network by selecting Settings from the header menu bar.

Step 2:

Press the Setup Internet Connection button.

Step 3:

Select Wi-Fi and then the name of your mobile hotspot.

Step 4:

Select Simple.

Step 5:

When you press the Options button on your controller, a pop-up menu with the option Wi-Fi Frequency Bands will appear.

Step 6:

Pick only 5GHz.

It’s crucial to remember that a 5GHz connection doesn’t always imply a speedier one. Some PlayStation consoles operate most effectively at 2.4GHz. 

It is therefore best to determine which frequency is appropriate for you. Using the Xbox’s 802.11n wireless adaptor, you can select the 5GHz frequency band.

Background Apps

Check to see if any background apps on your phone are slowing down your internet connection. If they are, it is best to shut them all off so that your hotspot may be fully focused on your game console.

Running Downloads on Background

Check to see if anything is downloading on your Xbox, PlayStation 4, or PlayStation 5. You may also go to Settings and disable any automatic download features there.

Make Hotspots Faster on PC/Laptop

When we require devices to utilize as hotspots, we frequently choose computers or laptops. Here are a few ways to increase their speed.

Step 1:

Try utilizing an ethernet cable if there are several physical impediments interfering with your Wi-Fi connection. This guarantees a quicker connection.

Step 2:

Placing your laptop or computer next to your Wi-Fi network can also help if you don’t have an ethernet cable.

Step 3:

See if you visit any websites that are using up more resources. This can cause the website to load slowly or erratically.

Step 4:

Quickly turn off your router and then turn it back on if many devices are using a lot of bandwidth. One of the simplest and quickest ways to stop any huge downloads and temporarily boost Wi-Fi performance is to do this.

Step 5:

See if any background programs are running on your computer or laptop.


Q:- 5G hotspot’s speed is how fast?

Ans:- The 5G hotspot can download data at a maximum rate of 20 GB per second and upload data at a maximum rate of 10 GB per second.

Q:- Are there any apps that can speed up hotspots?

Ans:- Yes, you can increase your hotspot speed using a number of programs. We suggest several practical applications like iTether, iPhoneModem, Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot, and Pdanet+.

Q:- Does data roaming speed up hotspots?

Ans:- It varies. You might receive a quicker hotspot if your device quickly connects to another network. However, it’s not always the case.

Q:- How can a mobile hotspot’s download speed be increased?

Ans:- The recommendations we made above ought to help you speed up downloads as well. However, it’s also best to see whether anything else is being downloaded in the background on your smartphone. Attempt resetting your device as well.

Final Thoughts

This tutorial will demonstrate how to make hotspot Faster iPhone. On other devices, benefit from better hotspot speeds and lightning-fast smartphone browsing.

We hope that this guide on boosting the hotspot speed of your iPhone will be helpful to you and enable you to significantly increase your hotspot speed over what it is currently.

Boost the speed of your hotspot and experience super-fast performance on your smartphone and other devices.

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