12 Best Torrent Apps for Android in 2022

Well, if we look around, we can see that the use of torrent websites is decreasing with each passing day.

We’ve seen the closure of a few well-known torrent websites in the past, such as Kickass Torrents, ExtraTorrents, and others.

Despite the fact that Torrent has become a hotbed for pirated content, many consumers use it lawfully to share music, download Linux ISOs, and a variety of other things.

It is no longer the case that torrent websites do not exist. There are still a lot of active torrent websites to be found on the internet.

Read our page for a complete list of active torrent websites. To download torrent files, we need to first install a torrent client on our device.

Through the use of torrent apps, you may also download your favourite torrents to your Android.

List of 12 Best Torrent Apps For Android in 2022

So, in this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best Android torrent apps. You could download your favourite torrents to your smartphone using those Android apps.

1. µTorrent

For peer-to-peer record sharing, this one uses the BitTorrent hyper distribution communications protocol. The best thing about uTorrent is that it divides the downloadable file into several sections, allowing for faster downloading.

Aside from that, Torrent is a very light and strong app. You might use this torrent app to manage your torrent downloads, pause/resume them, set priorities, and more.

uTorrent also supports magnet URLs and allows you to click on them without delay while browsing, resulting in an immediate download.

If you have your music downloaded in many torrents, you can create a playlist to play them all at once.

It also allows you to download specific documents so that you do not spend your records on useless files.

The software also includes a WiFi-optimized mode that allows you to shop on mobile devices while also facilitating torrenting and spreading.

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2. BitTorrent

You simply cannot overlook BitTorrent while looking for the best torrent downloader for Android because Bittorrent is where it all began.

The app is basically identical to uTorrent. It does not provide a specific download speed or a download length limit.

You can, however, alter the add and download limitations within the settings if you want. This uTorrent chance offers a straightforward, user-friendly interface through which you may search for and download torrent files.

It has a track and video library from which you can access your phone’s media, as well as a track and video player.

You can select your download location and enable WiFi-simplest mode. BitTorrent provides instructions for magnet links, RSS subscriptions, and other topics.

The app is unrestricted and contains advertisements. You can upgrade to the pro edition, which is available as an in-app purchase, for additional features and ad removal.

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3. Flud

Flud is a lightweight and feature-rich torrent client for Android. It has a user-friendly interface and does not impose any speed limits on downloads or uploads.

You can pick and choose which documents to download, upload torrents from documents, specify a download folder, and so on.

You can also share documents as they are being downloaded. It allows you to pause, resume, or stop the download.

It offers instructions for a variety of protocols, including DTH, UPnP, uTP, and PeX, as well as magnet links and RSS feeds.

You can download documents in a specific order, and you can even choose to download them in WiFi mode.

It includes encryption, IP filtering instructions, and proxy instructions, among other things. You can also choose whether the interface is light or dark, as well as the garage location.

All of these features are contained within the loose model itself. There is, however, a premium model that allows you to remove advertisements.

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4. FrostWire

FrostWire is certainly a great app for you if you don’t have a lot of torrent assets. It has a built-in torrent search engine, as well as a complex download manager, music player, and media library!

FrostWire also doesn’t impose any speed restrictions on you, whether it’s for uploads or downloads.

It breaks the document into multiple parts and downloads from multiple reassets at the same time because it uses a dedicated peer-to-peer document-sharing network.

This allows you to download large media documents much faster than with traditional techniques.

The app allows you to download audio, video, books, pdf files, games, software, photos, and more.

It has an advantage over other torrent apps on the list because it has an integrated media player and browser for seeking up torrent documents.

It also offers a WiFi-optimized mode as well as an auto-pause mode with a VPN disconnect. It also facilitates consecutive downloading by allowing you to begin gambling your media while the rest of it is being downloaded.

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5. zetaTorrent

zetaTorrent is an Android torrent app with a lot of features. It has an integrated browser with an ad-blocker, bookmarks, and record-keeping options, among other features. It can automatically recognize torrent files and magnet URLs that are available for download.

You can put documents in specific folders, enable WiFi-only mode, set download/add bandwidth and connection limits, and so on.

This torrent downloader includes a full-featured record manager as well as WiFi record transfer options.

You may also select the garage location and secure the app with a passcode. Overall, zetaTorrent is one of the better Android torrent apps.

It’s flimsy and has advertisements. With purchase, you can upgrade to the pro-model.

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6. LibreTorrent

LibreTorrent is a fantastic free Android torrent app based on libtorrent that provides consumers with an amazing torrent downloader that is free of both adverts and junk without sacrificing features.

Well, LibreTorrent is basically built on libTorrent, and it allows you to quickly download and share documents on your device.

It’s an open-source torrent client with a user interface that’s simple to use and many topic support.

Set the download directory (and have it mechanically cycle completed downloads), define community usage, set the app to torrent only when connected to Wi-Fi, set download priority and sequence, and get help with scheduling and streaming.

You can easily download and share torrent files with LibreTorrent. Aside from that, it has a plethora of useful record sorting and torrent control capabilities.

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7. TorrDroid

TorrDroid has been a famed call for torrent clients, and the Android app proves not anything greater than that.

The utility is a torrent consumer and a seek engine that capabilities a hassle-loose manner of looking and downloading torrents.

With the integrated seek engine, all you need to do is to offer a time period placed a phrase or approximately your seek query, and you may get geared up to download consequences instantly!

It also allows for automated downloading of the most appropriate and dependable torrent in accordance with your search options, allowing you to relax and unwind while your torrent download is completed.

The app also ensures that you don’t download viruses or fake torrents by accident and provides a secure torrenting experience.

It also supports downloads using magnet URLs and does not impose a speed limit on uploads and downloads.

The app supports DHT, LSD, UPnP, and NAT-PMP file formats. It also aids in the downloading of individual documents and sequential downloads.

This allows you to watch the video earlier than the download is complete. There’s Wi-Fi downloading for storing cellular records, as well as automated download queuing in the event of insufficient RAM.

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8. tTorrent Lite

tTorrent is another another solid Android torrent client with all of the necessary functionality. You may search for torrent files, set download/import speed restrictions, select the most active downloads and seeds, and so on.

Magnet links, sequential download mode, Wi-Fi most effective mode, RSS feeds, and a variety of protocols are all supported.

It also has an integrated report browser, and you may choose between a dark or light theme for the user interface.

In addition, the app includes an online interface that includes support for Transdrone and Transdroid. You have the option to enable or disable it.

The software is sloppy and contains advertisements. It also comes with an ad-free pro version.

9. WeTorrent

Unlike other torrent apps that have been praised for their features, WeTorrent – Torrent Downloader is known for its lightning-fast download rates.

The torrent app is entirely based on the BitTorrent protocol, and it prioritizes speed above everything else.

The fabric layout interface in the torrent software for Android is fantastic. Apart from that, it supports multiple simultaneous downloads, magnet hyperlink support, and.torrent records, among other things.

10. aTorrent

The most alluring feature of aTorrent is its accurate and attractive design! The software features one of the best user interfaces among all torrent clients, and it is entirely built on Material Design.

It aids with the discovery of torrents from the chatbox, magnet links, and the inclusion of torrents from a file. You can also select the location where your torrent downloads will be stored.

The app facilitates partial and selective downloads from torrents that contain a few documents.

There’s also a guide on parallel downloads that will let you download multiple documents at once. It includes a BitTorrent P2P tutorial, DHT, Advanced DHT Bootstrap, Magnet links, and more.

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11. Checketry

Checketry is a hybrid of a computer downloader and a cell phone app that converts your cellphone into a remote download manager for torrents, document transfers, and even sport downloads from some of your favourite platforms like Steam and Origin.

Users may monitor downloads for free, but upgrading to a premium subscription for $2.99 per month adds features like remotely stopping and restarting downloads from the mobile app, setting a shutdown timer, and inhibiting PC sleep mode. Your membership also removes advertisements.

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12. Vuze

Vuze on a laptop is either a feature-rich torrent client or a bloated multimedia monster, depending on who you ask.

On the other hand, the free Vuze Android software is a refreshingly simple torrent downloader, making it one of the best Android torrent apps.

Vuze for Android is an ad-free revel in with an integrated torrent search, Wi-Fi best mode, and configurable upload and download limitations.

Vuze’s incoming port can be configured by users with unusual community settings, and the app can be set to play a legitimate or notification while downloads are completed.


So there you have it the best torrent apps for Android in 2021. Use those torrent apps to efficiently download torrent documents to your smartphone.

I hope you found this newsletter useful! Please share it with your acquaintances as well. If you know of any more torrents app, please let us know in the comments section below.

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